Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tristan Anderson an American peace activist was shot in the face by an Israeli soldier using  a high projectile tear gas canister.  He was filming a protest occurring in the West Bank community of Ni'ln.  This incident occurred on 13 March 2009.  

Tristan is one of a number of International Solidarity members who have been either killed or critically injured during protests of occupation.  Rachel Corrie (killed 16/3/2003; Wiki), Brian Avery (shot in the face and seriously disfugured 5/4/2003; Wiki ;Democracy Now interview 2005) and Tom Hurndall (killed 13/1/2004; Wiki).

The last recorded piece of information I can find of Tristan's condition is 31 March.  He was still in intensive care.

Details of Tristan's condition can be found:

Tristan was friends with Brad Will a peace activist who was killed while filming the Oaxaca City teacher's strike (and subsequent riots) on 27 October 2006.  The riots are alleged to be in response to political corruption.